Say Cheese

You could say cheese was written into my karma…. I married a guy from a cheese making village in Switzerland! My love story with cheese has seen different stages… kind of like a real love story…. first it was exciting to try lots of different flavours and textures. Then when my pallate developed, I began to understand what kind of cheese I really liked and why. It then matured into a full fledged relationship while I was studying in Paris. And the culmination point was, of course, in Christophe’s village at a cheese farm, watching the process and then learning how to make Mozarella at Acres Wild in Coonoor.
Aditya Raghavan is one of those guys who likes to know what lies at the heart of things. Maybe thats why he became a physicist. And maybe thats why he began to make cheese & bake bread. Its so amazing when people of my generation show an interest in ancient and traditional methods and actually start making cheese! Aditya and I are planning to start a Slow Food Convivium in Mumbai to try and keep alive these old school methods of food.


Very Scary. Trust me. Especially when the Chef who is teaching you how to make them at Le Cordon Bleu, Paris tells you that the souffle can sometimes fall if someone talks to loudly near the oven. But the basic idea is simple! Whip in air into egg whites. Combine them gently with your mixture and DO NOT OPEN the oven door while they are cooking. Give it a try! You’ll be known as a masterchef in your house after that!


I actually went to learn how to make Mozzarella cheese at Mansoor Khan’s cheese farm in Coonoor. It was a super fun experience! Aditya Raghavan is a part of a new breed of Indians (check out The Cheese Collective) who are trying to do things from scratch- the proper way! You can order everything you need online, so why not make a weekend Sunny Side Up by making your own Mozzarella cheese!


Pizza Dough is one of those no-brainer doughs. You don’t have to be delicate with it, you have to basically knead & knead & knead till it is really silky and soft. More muscle than brain. Ask your local bakery for some fresh yeast if you want to make it authentic but dry active yeast works just as well! And with your own homemade Mozzarella! La Dolce Vita!

Eggs Benedict

Eggs benedict Sunny Side Up Style – making a hollandaise seems very difficult but once you get the hang of it, it’s the easiest thing to whip up. Don’t be shy of the butter, instead eat it once in a while and go for a walk afterwards!


Hollandaise Sauce-
3 egg yolks (room temp)
3 tbsp (room temp) water
180 gm clarified butter
½ lemon

1 fresh egg
1 english muffin
1 slice chicken ham


  1. Hollandaise- Put yolks in a bowl that fits over double boiler. Whisk in 3 tbsp water. Put on double boiler on medium heat and start whisking till fluffy and leaves ribbon marks with whisk. Remove from heat.
  2. Gently pour the clarified butter in a thin stream into egg mixture. Add lemon, salt & cayenne pepper to taste. Keep cover with cling film at room temp (do NOT put in fridge)
  3. Cut a hole into your English muffin with a cookie cutter. Place on baking sheet on baking tray. Crack an egg and fill the contents into the hole of the muffin add salt to it. Bake it for 3 to 4 minutes.
  4. Garnish the muffins with chicken ham, salt, paprika and parsley.

Mango Pineapple Smoothie

Mango pineapple smoothie – I’m a mango addict!! In mango season, my breakfast every day consists of mango, yogurt & organic honey muesli! Try this smoothie post work out or when you don’t have time to make breakfast. Add some spirulina powder to make it even more nutritious!


1 cup mango pulp
1 cup pineapple chunks
½ glass pineapple juice
1 cup yogurt
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 ripe banana, peeled and sliced


Combine all the ingredients in a blender.
Blend until smooth.

Dulce De Leche Pancakes

Pancakes – I think every man, woman and child (yes kids can make this batter too!) should be able to make fluffy pancakes from scratch! Try this super easy recipe on a Sunday morning and be the family super hero!


1 cup milk
5 tbsp butter
1 cup maida
2 eggs
1 tbsp sugar
2 tsp baking soda
salt to taste

Dulce De Leche
1 tin condensed milk
½ tsp sea salt

To garnish:
dulce de leche
sliced bananas
chocolate shavings


  1.  Beat eggs in a bowl. Put butter and milk in a saucepan and melt over low heat. Cool a little and add to eggs.
  2. Put flour , sugar, baking powder & salt in a bowl and stir with a fork.
  3.  Pour egg mixture into flour mixture and stir till moistened. Don’t overmix.
  4.  Heat a pan till drops of water dance on it, brush with butter. Drop 2-3 tbsp of batter and cook till bubbles break on the surface. Turn the pancake over and cook another 30 seconds.
  5. Garnish your pancakes with some dulce de leche, sliced bananas, honey and chocolate shavings.

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QnA with Anushka

Q1.Which place makes you feel sunny side up?
A. Anywhere I can be outside at the magical sunset hour, lying in the grass somewhere or on the sand at a beach, makes me feel happy and sunny side up!

Q2.What is your favourite brunch recipe?
A. My favourite brunch recipe is as follows-
(a) Take a group of people you love
(b) Add a pinch of the greenest herbs you have ever seen and a dash of sangria (maybe more than a dash :))
(c) Make googoo eyes at Chinu so she can make you some yummy food
(d) Put a cup of reggae music
(e) Stir it all together and that’s the best brunch you could possible have.

Q3.What was the one memorable moment in your life when you felt ‘sunny side up’?
A. Flying down the streets of Barcelona with my brother-from-another-mother Mihir. That whole trip was a big up!

Q4.Tips on how to maintain a sunny side up state of mind ?
A. Listen to music, dance dance dance, feel the wind on your face, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, don’t dig deeper if you find yourself in a hole and remember that everything happens for a reason, no matter how sucky it seems at the time. Oh and Frankie says relax!




P for Pancake R for Rockstar!!


I have known Anushka for a long time now. She and I share the same kind of beach-bum soul where our paths have crossed in many different beautiful places of the world, especially in our soul-town Goa.
From riding enfields to setting the stage on fire, Anushka trluy represents that wild woman spirit that I love in so many women in my life.

And what better brunch setting than to have your rockstar friend sing for you while you cook up some yummy, brunchy food- eggs, pancakes & smoothies.
Sunny Side Up is a way of life, its about the food you cook connecting you to the people you meet at various moments and places of your life.

Its about that particular brand of magic that happens in the kitchen, when you are cooking with passion for people you love!
Hope you enjoy the show and more than anything, hope you are enjoying your life Sunny Side Up!

twitter- @iamanushka
facebook page- Anushka Manchanda