Best Chicken Burger in India!

Burger I guess is the most common and popular fast food after pizza. But finding a really nice burger can be a task. I am deeply madly in love with fast food and I just love Burgers. There is a saying that if 2 people are in love and been together for a long time they starting looking similar. Well that is exactly the case with me. I love burgers and I look like one too. Well i have been to Goa like 6 times in 4 years. It is quite convenient for somebody living in Mumbai to visit Goa. Take a night train and morning you will be in Goa. I and my childhood friends from Delhi have been going to Goa every year for the past 4 years. Goa is the only constant in our lives, so we make sure we spend atleast week together in Goa. Well like the rest of the people go to Goa for beer, good food, scooty rides, chilling on the beach and parties. This time it was a bit different as it was raining and we spent most of the time in the pool drinking beer. So one fine day we stepped out for food. We were on our way to Curlies when i say this place on the road that goes to Anjuna Beach called the “Burger Factory”


Well my friends did not find the place happening so they did not listen to me and we went to Curlies. But i was getting a positive vibe from that place. So a day later when my friends were heading to another well known happening place for lunch i stopped my scooty at Burger Factory. I messaged my friends that I will join them in a bit. The place had a variety of Burgers and I was just tempted to try them all. You can check-out the menu!

burger  factory2burger  factory

At that time there was a big order for like 8-10 people so I had to wait for like at least 45 minutes for my burger to be prepared. I thought I will just tell my friends had stopped for some work on the way. But now that plan would have not worked. So I messaged them to continue with their lunch as I am at Burger Factory. Every time the burger was prepared I was just staring at it as if I have never seen a burger. Well the fact is I have actually never seen such a beautiful looking burger. I am sure lot of people must have had a bad stomach as I envied each and every burger which was getting made and was served to someone else. Finally the big order got over and they started preparing my burger. You have to be patient when you order as it takes time for them to prepare it. Finally the burger arrived and I my expression must have been similar to my Labrador when I used to put chicken in his bowl. I took a bite and it was a party in my mouth. It was a pure shortcut to heaven. I had never tasted a burger so delicious my entire life. I almost cried with joy. I was getting a bad feeling for ditching my friends. But I forgot all about them. The best part is that they prepare everything fresh. The buns, the chips and patty everything was made to perfection. I told my friends about it and they all got excited like you guys must be right now. I took them to this place and they thank me till now for making them have this burger. I have been craving for this burger ever since. Have tried burgers at different places but have not found anything like this. So guys if you happen to go to Goa and do not try this Burger then your Goa trip is incomplete. If anyone of you is flying to Goa from Delhi then get a burger packed for me please. 


Author – Vivasvaan Bhatnagar

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