Best Chocolate Soft Serve Ice Cream!!

When you think of a hot summer day it is something cold like a chilled beer or Ice-Cream you crave for, I mean no comparison between the two. Well I get a craving for Ice-Cream on a Chilly winter evening or on a rainy day. It was one of those winter days when it was raining and I was traveling from Delhi to Mcleodganj. I had taken a stop-over at Chandigarh and it was raining non-stop since morning. We had gone to sector 17 the weather can really take a toll on you as it really cold plus it is raining and it is just depressing. Well for my Mom and my sister shopping is a therapy that works to get over a depression like this. Well for me a something really good to eat can really cheer me up. As I was walking around sector 17 I saw a kid having a Chocolate Soft Serve and that moment on-wards I knew that this can cheer me up.


I started my hunt for that Soft Serve and reached a place that served this called Softy Corner with a Tag line “Everyone’s Melting Place” well I surely melted.


Well I melted looking at the description of their hot selling Soft Serve Ice-Cream. It is called the Double Chocolate Chip and has Chocolate ice-cream, gems, chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles and Cadbury chocolate. It was mind blowing everything in it complimented each other and it was not an over doze of chocolate. My depression from the damp weather was totally cured. I started enjoying the cold rainy weather and walked in the rain with a smiling face. I am pretty sure this soft serve has super powers and is a mood lifter. It is one of the must try things in Chandigarh.


They serve other interesting Soft Serve Ice-Cream as well but i am a diehard chocolate lover. They serve really nice Chicken nuggets and Hash browns.


Sector 17 Chandigarh is one of the must visit places if you visit Chandigarh and definitely Softy Corner if you are in sector 17. If you visit Chandigarh and do not end up eating this ice-cream then your trip will be incomplete.

Author – Vivasvaan Bhatnagar

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