Healthy Puffed Rice Poha ~ Tasty and ideal dish for weight watchers!

Puffed rice is widely used in India as a tea time snack and is very light and healthy. I love puffed rice or laiya or murmure as it is known in different parts in India and can be seen snacking on it at all times but one of the best ways that I like eating puffed rice is in the form of poha with lots of tomatoes, onions and spices!

Here is a recipe for a healthy version of the puffed rice poha which requires minimal oil and includes lots of healthy ingredients, making it a dish best for weight watchers. ūüôā

Preparation time:
5-10 minutes.

Ingredients required:

Puffed rice- 6 or 7 cups (for two people)
1 Onion chopped in small pieces
2 Tomatoes chopped in small pieces
2 to 3 Green chilies cut in small pieces
Mustard seeds- 2 tsp
Green curry leaves – 7 to 8
Roasted peanuts- 1/4 cup (optional)
Sprouts (lentils, black chickpea) – 1/4 cup (optional)
Oil (any type can be used but mustard oil is preferred) – 1/2 tbsp
1/4 tsp turmeric
salt to taste
red chilli powder to taste
coarsely ground coriander
Chopped green coriander to garnish

Steps to follow:

1) Run the puffed rice through running water while keeping it in a sieve so that it soaks water but doesn’t collapse with excess water.
2) Take a pan and add oil to it while keeping it on medium flame.
3) When the oil gets hot add mustard seeds and curry leaves and stir till they start to crackle.
4) Add onions and chillies and stir until the onion is translucent.
5) If you are adding sprouts then add those too with the onions and stir until they soften a little. Sprinkle some salt to expedite the process.
6) Add tomatoes and again stir for a minute until they soften.
7) Now add turmeric, grounded coriander, red chilli powder and salt to taste.
8) Lastly, add the the water soaked puffed rice and stir for a minute and then switch off the flame.
9) Garnish with green coriander, slit green chillies and roasted peanuts. You can also sprinkle some sev to add the extra crunch!



Enjoy this delicious and very healthy dish accompanied with a cup of elaichi (cardamom) tea or a bowl of curd and have fun trying it out in your kitchen!

Cool Tips:
– when you add mustard oil in a pan sprinkle some salt on it. This ensures that the pungency of the oil is removed and oil gets heated quickly. When a light smoke starts emerging from the oil then this means that the oil is properly heated and the vegetables etc. can now be added!
– Sprinkle some salt when frying vegetables in oil. This fastens the frying and also preserves the colour of the vegetables.

Until next time. ūüôā

Author: Nikita Johri

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Dry “Dhokli” with Tadka Paani

Gujarati food mainly known for its various way of cooking as well as various unique combination of ingredients. 
Dal Dhokali is one of the traditional gujarati dish. Here I have tried something new and unique to present the same concept of the DOHKALI in a very different way.
I hope you will like this.

Preparation Time: 20 Minutes
Servings: 4
Rice: 2 Cups
Toor Daal(Red Gram lentils): 1 Cup
Chana Daal (Gram lentils): 1 Cup
Whole Wheat Flour: 2 Tbspn
Sesame seeds (Til): 2 Tbspn
Curd: 1 Cup (or as required to knead the dough)
hing(Asafoetida): 2 tspn
Soda powder: 1 tspn
Turmeric powder: 2 tspn
Salt to taste
Red Chilly powder for garnishing
Mustard seeds: 1 Tbspn. 
Oil: 4 Tbspn
Grind rice, and lentils (chana and toor) in a grinder and take that mixture into a mixing bowl.
In an another small bowl, take whole wheat flour and add oil to it. Now rub that mixture with help of your palm. Add this mixture to the first bowl of grinned mixture. Mix it well. 
Add salt, pinch of turmeric powder and pinch of soda powder. And with help of curd, knead it like a dough.
Take a bowl full water and let it boil well. 
By the time, prepare small portions from the dough and make it flat (like a traditional dhokali).
Add these all dhokalis into boiling water and let them cook for almost 5-10 minutes on a high flame with the closed lead on the vessel.
Take all cooked dhokalis into a bowl. And let them cool down for a while.
In a tempering pan, take 2 Tbspn of oil. Add mustard seeds and let them crackle well.
Add pinch of hing(Asafoetida) and sesame seeds, red chilly powder to it and temper it in the left boiled water. Let it boil again till 2 -3 shimmers (almost 5 minutes). 
In an another pan, take remaining 2 Tbspn oil, add mustard seeds, sesame seeds and a pinch of hing(Asafoetida). 
Add all cooked dhokalis to the pan, and mix them well. 
Add pinch of salt (as they are cooked in a boiling water, some salt from them might have drained).
In a serving dish, Arrange¬†dhokalis¬†accompanied by tempered water in the shot glasses (¬†This is our way of serving. It can be served in your own way too… ūüôā¬†)
A very unique savory dish is ready to ENJOY. .. !!!

Author: Ketul / Boskey Shah

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Cooking Time: 40 minutes
Servings: 4


Minced meat- 250gm
Ginger-Garlic paste- 2tsp
Red Chilli Powder- 1tsp
Coriander Powder: 1tsp
Cumin Powder- 1tsp
Nutmeg Powder- 1/2 tsp
Black pepper powder- 1tsp
Garam Masala- 1tsp
Besan- 1tbsp
Onion- 1 chopped
Green Chillies- 2 chopped
Salt- To taste
Coriander and mint leaves for garnishing


-Squeeze out all the water from the minced meat.
-Add all the ingredients and mix them well.
-Add besan to bind it well.
-Keep aside for 30 minutes in the fridge.
-In an oiled skewer press the minced meat.
-Shallow fry the kebabs in a nonstick pan with little oil.
-Baste frequently with oil till it becomes golden brown.
-After the kebabs are done, put them on a serving platter.
-Garnish it with onion rings, fresh coriander and mint leaves.

Seekh kebabs are full of flavors and they are perfect as a starter.You can serve them before dinner.

Author – Zeb Fatima

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Best Chicken Burger in India!

Burger I guess is the most common and popular fast food after pizza. But finding a really nice burger can be a task. I am deeply madly in love with fast food and I just love Burgers. There is a saying that if 2 people are in love and been together for a long time they starting looking similar. Well that is exactly the case with me. I love burgers and I look like one too. Well i have been to Goa like 6 times in 4 years. It is quite convenient for somebody living in Mumbai to visit Goa. Take a night train and morning you will be in Goa. I and my childhood friends from Delhi have been going to Goa every year for the past 4 years. Goa is the only constant in our lives, so we make sure we spend atleast week together in Goa. Well like the rest of the people go to Goa for beer, good food, scooty rides, chilling on the beach and parties. This time it was a bit different as it was raining and we spent most of the time in the pool drinking beer. So one fine day we stepped out for food. We were on our way to Curlies when i say this place on the road that goes to Anjuna Beach called the “Burger Factory”


Well my friends did not find the place happening so they did not listen to me and we went to Curlies. But i was getting a positive vibe from that place. So a day later when my friends were heading to another well known happening place for lunch i stopped my scooty at Burger Factory. I messaged my friends that I will join them in a bit. The place had a variety of Burgers and I was just tempted to try them all. You can check-out the menu!

burger  factory2burger  factory

At that time there was a big order for like 8-10 people so I had to wait for like at least 45 minutes for my burger to be prepared. I thought I will just tell my friends had stopped for some work on the way. But now that plan would have not worked. So I messaged them to continue with their lunch as I am at Burger Factory. Every time the burger was prepared I was just staring at it as if I have never seen a burger. Well the fact is I have actually never seen such a beautiful looking burger. I am sure lot of people must have had a bad stomach as I envied each and every burger which was getting made and was served to someone else. Finally the big order got over and they started preparing my burger. You have to be patient when you order as it takes time for them to prepare it. Finally the burger arrived and I my expression must have been similar to my Labrador when I used to put chicken in his bowl. I took a bite and it was a party in my mouth. It was a pure shortcut to heaven. I had never tasted a burger so delicious my entire life. I almost cried with joy. I was getting a bad feeling for ditching my friends. But I forgot all about them. The best part is that they prepare everything fresh. The buns, the chips and patty everything was made to perfection. I told my friends about it and they all got excited like you guys must be right now. I took them to this place and they thank me till now for making them have this burger. I have been craving for this burger ever since. Have tried burgers at different places but have not found anything like this. So guys if you happen to go to Goa and do not try this Burger then your Goa trip is incomplete. If anyone of you is flying to Goa from Delhi then get a burger packed for me please. 


Author –¬†Vivasvaan Bhatnagar

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Best Amritsari Kulcha Ever!!

Well you will be surprised to know that the Sainath Kulchas in Chembur(Mumbai) serve the  best Amritsari kulcha in India. I was shocked too but it is true. Being Delhi boy who has lived most of his life in the north was just surprised by the very authentic taste of the Kulcha. One fine day a close friend of mine invited me over to try out these Kulchas. I was like dude I am from north so I am not sure if these kulchas will be any good. I mean honestly I had no expectations from this place as Mumbai is popular for Vada Pav and Sea food. He took me to this place called Sainath Kulcha. This place is in Chembur Camp. If you guys are planning to go then reach Chembur Camp and ask for this place, it is inside a small lane.


You get Aloo(Potato), Paneer(Cottage Cheese) and Mix Kulcha with the option of adding cheese in it. My favorite is and always will be Aloo Cheese Kulcha, it is a mixture of cheese, potato and gobi (Cauliflower). So you guys definitely try this one out.

So my friend took me and the place looked decent. It can accommodate 5-6 people at a time. You won’t get to sit and will have to stand and eat most of the time. It is very popular and people travel from as far as 40 Kms to eat here. I was still thinking these guys are from Mumbai how would they know what a real Amritsari Kulcha will taste like. I saw him putting butter on the Kulchas and my dear friends this is how a Kulcha should be buttered.

I ordered for Aloo Cheese Kulcha and my arrogance of from being north and blah blah was all proved wrong. It was really yummy. The flavor and taste was really authentic. The stuffing was perfect and the Chole that were served along with the Kulcha were also mind-blowing. This place was for real and has been awarded “The Best Kulchas Ever”


They use the best quality cheese and butter and they know how to make the Kulchas buttery and cheesy. The taste is authentic as it lies in a Sindhi colony and has been there for a long time. Few more places serve real authentic Punjabi food which is just surprising to find in Mumbai. This is a must try if you are visiting Mumbai.

Few Tips :
1) Order 2 Kulchas at a time as orders keep coming in and you might have to wait a bit and it can be a bit irritating to wait when you have started eating.
2) Use Public Transport as you might face parking issues
3) Be patient at times lots of orders at a time and making a master piece takes time.

Author –¬†Vivasvaan Bhatnagar

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Best Chocolate Soft Serve Ice Cream!!

When you think of a hot summer day it is something cold like a chilled beer or Ice-Cream you crave for, I mean no comparison between the two. Well I get a craving for Ice-Cream on a Chilly winter evening or on a rainy day. It was one of those winter days when it was raining and I was traveling from Delhi to Mcleodganj. I had taken a stop-over at Chandigarh and it was raining non-stop since morning. We had gone to sector 17 the weather can really take a toll on you as it really cold plus it is raining and it is just depressing. Well for my Mom and my sister shopping is a therapy that works to get over a depression like this. Well for me a something really good to eat can really cheer me up. As I was walking around sector 17 I saw a kid having a Chocolate Soft Serve and that moment on-wards I knew that this can cheer me up.


I started my hunt for that Soft Serve and reached a place that served this called Softy Corner with a Tag line “Everyone’s Melting Place” well I surely melted.


Well I melted looking at the description of their hot selling Soft Serve Ice-Cream. It is called the Double Chocolate Chip and has Chocolate ice-cream, gems, chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles and Cadbury chocolate. It was mind blowing everything in it complimented each other and it was not an over doze of chocolate. My depression from the damp weather was totally cured. I started enjoying the cold rainy weather and walked in the rain with a smiling face. I am pretty sure this soft serve has super powers and is a mood lifter. It is one of the must try things in Chandigarh.


They serve other interesting Soft Serve Ice-Cream as well but i am a diehard chocolate lover. They serve really nice Chicken nuggets and Hash browns.


Sector 17 Chandigarh is one of the must visit places if you visit Chandigarh and definitely Softy Corner if you are in sector 17. If you visit Chandigarh and do not end up eating this ice-cream then your trip will be incomplete.

Author –¬†Vivasvaan Bhatnagar

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The Chinese Rajma Chawal

Most of you who have lived their lives in Delhi must have eaten Chinese food at these Chinese food Vans.


Mostly people take take away or call in for Home delivery. This place is not for those who like authentic Chinese food (I don’t know if that can be eaten by us). The food here is full on desi style Chinese and is spicy. I love the noodles, Chilly Chicken Spring rolls and my favorite crispy honey chilli potato which is surprisingly not available in Mumbai. Ya anyways this post is not about the Chinese food it is about Rajma Chawal, yes you read it right Rajma Chawal. I was surprised when i got to know you get Rajma Chawal here in this particular place. So i went and gave it a try. They serve Rajma, Chawal, Fried Papad and Onions with Schezwan sauce.


They are absolutely delicious & spicy and i was actually sweating when i finished. So people who are not into spicy food stay away ūüôā
I would say definitely give it a try


Author –¬†Vivasvaan Bhatnagar

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The Roadside Nan Dal

I wanted to title it as “Roadside Amritsari Dal Nan” but those who love Amritsari nan would have definitely got offended as it is no where close to Amritsari Nan

IMG_1044But there is still something great about this that i crave for every-time i visit Delhi. As soon as i land in Delhi this is the first thing in my mind to eat. I first ate this place while shopping for my school’s farewell party at that time it was rs 10 for 2 Aloo Nan and Dal (You get other veggies also but i only take dal) and green chutney with onion and carrot pickle the combination of the crispy aloo nan, pickles,chutney,achar and Dal it is this heavenly taste that makes me not meet any of my friends or family members but to visit this place first thing on reaching Delhi.


Author –¬†Vivasvaan Bhatnagar

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The 220 Rupees Egg Bhurji & Milkmaid Gola at JUHU beach

Well normally after a tiring and hectic day at work, me and my work friends head to the nearest bar to relax and chill and discuss office gossip and politics. But somehow we were bored of this routine and were planning to do something different, & one of the most important reason was that we didn’t have enough money to buy booze, so one of them suggested Juhu Beach for the nice Egg bhurji and milkmaid gola (chuski “Delhi lingo“) and chocolate Gola. Honestly i was really tempted to try the Chocolate Gola, as i had mostly while growing up i had heard of Kala Khatta, Rose Flavour etc etc. So we reached Juhu Beach the favorite tourist destination of people coming to Mumbai,its one of the dirtiest beaches you will ever see and the first thing that came into my mind was why cannot it be like decent enough like Baga or Curly beach of Goa, anyways coming back from the goa feel to the crowded noisy juhu beach. First thing i did was to stop at a gola wala to see the milkmaid gola options, pretty reasonable they were for 60 rs as the regular ones were for 50 (KalaKhatta,Orange). I ordered for a chocolate milkmaid gola, it is a combination of milkmaid, chocolate sauce, chocolate pieces and crushed ice. It was really good looking and worth a try, but nothing out of this world, More like bollywood movies just one time watch types.


The most shocking part was the Egg bhurji prices, we had just finished the gola and had ordered for egg bhurji, 5 minutes later one of our friend looking as if he has seen a ghost showed us the menu card seconds later we had the same look on our faces. You guys wont believe it but the egg bhruji was being sold at Rs 220/ at a roadside Dhaba. I mean 5 star people will get complex. Well the Bhurji was nice and the presentation was superb. Now i can proudly say i had Golden Egg bhurji  on a roadside beach stall.





Author – Vivasvaan Bhatnagar

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The Great Mumbai Breakfast

The really long travelling time in Mumbai can make you really hungry. Getting up early and running to office to be on time is a task and cooking or having breakfast is near impossible feat to achieve. Having breakfast means sacrificing 5 minutes of extra sleep and sacrificing 5 minutes of extra sleep is a big no no for must of us. We have been time and again told by our parents that breakfast is the important meal of the day. You realize it is necessary for you to keep you going ,specially when you have a hectic travelling ahead of you. Also you need something quick,filling and something easy on the pocket. A big thanks to so many food stalls serving yummy breakfast in almost every nook and corner of Mumbai. The best part of these food stalls is that they are next to stations and bus stops . The food i must tell you is fresh and really good. My favorite is idli, medu vada sabudana khichi and missal pav. So if you are a tourist in Mumbai and have no hurry for reaching office, still you must try these yummy delicacies.  

19012012659 19012012660 19012012661 19012012663 19012012665 19012012666


Author –¬†Vivasvaan Bhatnagar

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