P for Pancake R for Rockstar!!


I have known Anushka for a long time now. She and I share the same kind of beach-bum soul where our paths have crossed in many different beautiful places of the world, especially in our soul-town Goa.
From riding enfields to setting the stage on fire, Anushka trluy represents that wild woman spirit that I love in so many women in my life.

And what better brunch setting than to have your rockstar friend sing for you while you cook up some yummy, brunchy food- eggs, pancakes & smoothies.
Sunny Side Up is a way of life, its about the food you cook connecting you to the people you meet at various moments and places of your life.

Its about that particular brand of magic that happens in the kitchen, when you are cooking with passion for people you love!
Hope you enjoy the show and more than anything, hope you are enjoying your life Sunny Side Up!

twitter- @iamanushka
facebook page- Anushka Manchanda

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