Enjoying Food with some nice music

QnA with Anushka

Q1.Which place makes you feel sunny side up?
A. Anywhere I can be outside at the magical sunset hour, lying in the grass somewhere or on the sand at a beach, makes me feel happy and sunny side up!

Q2.What is your favourite brunch recipe?
A. My favourite brunch recipe is as follows-
(a) Take a group of people you love
(b) Add a pinch of the greenest herbs you have ever seen and a dash of sangria (maybe more than a dash :))
(c) Make googoo eyes at Chinu so she can make you some yummy food
(d) Put a cup of reggae music
(e) Stir it all together and that’s the best brunch you could possible have.

Q3.What was the one memorable moment in your life when you felt ‘sunny side up’?
A. Flying down the streets of Barcelona with my brother-from-another-mother Mihir. That whole trip was a big up!

Q4.Tips on how to maintain a sunny side up state of mind ?
A. Listen to music, dance dance dance, feel the wind on your face, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, don’t dig deeper if you find yourself in a hole and remember that everything happens for a reason, no matter how sucky it seems at the time. Oh and Frankie says relax!




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