The Great Mumbai Breakfast

The really long travelling time in Mumbai can make you really hungry. Getting up early and running to office to be on time is a task and cooking or having breakfast is near impossible feat to achieve. Having breakfast means sacrificing 5 minutes of extra sleep and sacrificing 5 minutes of extra sleep is a big no no for must of us. We have been time and again told by our parents that breakfast is the important meal of the day. You realize it is necessary for you to keep you going ,specially when you have a hectic travelling ahead of you. Also you need something quick,filling and something easy on the pocket. A big thanks to so many food stalls serving yummy breakfast in almost every nook and corner of Mumbai. The best part of these food stalls is that they are next to stations and bus stops . The food i must tell you is fresh and really good. My favorite is idli, medu vada sabudana khichi and missal pav. So if you are a tourist in Mumbai and have no hurry for reaching office, still you must try these yummy delicacies.  

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Author – Vivasvaan Bhatnagar

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  1. I never watch what I eat until now I’m a mom of two school-age kids, I do want them to have a good start in the mnrniog. Our schooldays breakfast menus include:- hot steel cut oatmeal w/ flaxseed meal & drizzled w/ raw honey- multigrain toast drizzled w/ raw honey- “made from scratch” blueberries pancake w/ flaxseed meal- 1/2 avocado sprinkled w/ course salt & lime juice- bran flax or plain multigrain cheeriosOne of the above plus the following to complete one breakfast:- 1/2 hard boiled egg- low fat milk- 1 serving of fruitI hope this is a dietician-approved menu but certainly moms-approved :). Keep rotating these every weekdays I do feel like I’m running out of ideas!Enjoy your blog very much, particularly like your portion control. Keep up the good work!

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