Health Maange More

New Season (On Air)

Monday 02.30pm

Mummy Ka Magic

Friday 02:00 pm

Health Challenge

Thursday , 04:00pm

Firangi Tadka

Monday 08:00pm


Cook Smart

Monday to Friday 03.30PM

Turban Tadka

Monday to Wednesday, 03:00pm


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Hi Tea



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Sunny Side Up

Monday 08:00 pm

K for Kids

Sunday 1pm

Pure Sin

Friday 7pm

Health Magazine

Friday 04:00pm

India Unlimited

Thursday 02:00pm

Daal Dhamal

Every Friday at 07:30pm

Sanjeev Kapoor’s Kitchen

Past Season ( Off Air)


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Healthy Fridge

Tuesday 02.10 PM

Out of the World

Past Season (Off Air)



Herbs and Spice

Tuesday 02.30pm

Maa ki Dal by Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi

Past Season (Off Air)


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Flab Q

Wednesday, 12:40 pm

Food This Week

Thursday 08:00pm

Tea Time

Past Season (Off Air)

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