Aloo Baingan


    Potatoes, boiled                                        2 cups

    Eggplants (cut into pieces)                      1 large

    Cumin seeds                                            1 tsp

    Onion, chopped                                         1

    Tomatoes, chopped                                   1

    Garlic paste                                                 1 tsp

    Ginger                                                          1 tsp

    Green chillies, chopped                            1 tsp

    Red chili powder                                         ½ tsp

    Turmeric powder                                        ½ tsp

    Coriander powder                                      1 tsp

    Cumin seed powder                                 1 tsp

    Garam masala powder                            1 tsp

    Oil                                                               1 tbsp

    Salt                                                             to taste




    Aloo, uble hue                                           2 cups

    Baingan, tukdo mein kate hue               1 large

    Jeera                                                          1 tsp

    Pyaz, kata hua                                             1

    Tamatar, kate hue                                      1

    Lehsan ka  paste                                         1 tsp

    Adrak                                                            1 tsp

    Hari mirche ,katti hui                                  1 tsp

    Lal mirch ,powder                                      ½ tsp

    Haldi  powder                                             ½ tsp

    Dhaniya  powder                                       1 tsp

    Jeera  powder                                            1 tsp

    Garam masala powder                             1 tsp

    Tel                                                                 1 tbsp

    Namak                                                          Swad anusar

preparation method

Heat oil & season it with the cumin seeds. Now add garlic, ginger & green chilli.
Add the chopped onions & all the spices, fry till light brown.
Now add the chopped tomatoes & sauté till the tomato pieces are cooked.
Then add the eggplant & cook for few minutes with the water.
Then add the boiled potato pieces& mix well.
Garnish with the coriander leaves & serve hot.

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By: Chef Shantanu Gupte

Show: Health Maange More

Prep:10 Mins Cook: 15 to 30 minutes


This vegetable actually consist of some phytochemicals which are antioxidants which are vital for our immunity system. So make sure that you do not peel off the skin of this vegetable as it has all the nutrition.

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