Baked Coffee Cheesecake


    1. Digestive Cookies 200gms
    2. Sour Cream 50gms
    3. Melted Butter 100gms
    4. Grated Dark Chocolate 50gms
    5 Chocolate Chip Cookies 100gms
    6 Cream Cheese 500gms
    7 Whipping Cream 50gms
    8 Eggs 3 Nos
    9 Coffee Powder 15gms
    10 Kahlua Coffee Liqour 100ml

preparation method

• Take cookies, melted butter, grated chocolate and chocolate chip cookies and mix them in a blender and line up the mixture into a cake tin to make the crust.
• For the cheesecake, beat the cheese until smooth.
• Add sour cream and whipping cream. Slowly add eggs. Add Kahlua coffee liquor and coffee powder.
• Pour it on top of the crust in the cake tin
• Bake at 100C for 2 hours.

Serving Suggestions

    Serve 4
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By: Chef Ajay Chopra

Show: Hi Tea

Prep:2 Hour 30 Mins Cook: more than 1 hour

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