Bean salad


      For Croutons:  
    1. Baguettes (cut in cubes – for croutons) 2 slices
    2. Garlic 1 tbsp
    3. Olive Oil 2tbsp
      For Dressing:  
    1. Orange rind 1 tbsp
    2. Chopped Garlic 2 tbsp
    3. Olive Oil 2tbsp
    4. Mustard sauce 2 tsp
      For Salad:  
    1. Red Pepper ½ cup
    2. Yellow Pepper ½ cup
    3. Cherry Tomato ½ cup
    4. Green Beans 1 cup
    5. Mustard 1 tbsp
    6. Salt To taste
    7. Pepper To taste
    8. Mixed Lettuce leaves 1 cup
    9. Black Olive
    10. Balsamic Vinegar

preparation method

For croutons:

Cut baguettes into cubes. Heat them in a pan.
Add garlic and olive oil. When it turns golden brown take it out in a bowl.
For Dressing:
Take a bowl and add garlic, orange rind, olive oil and mustard sauce and mix well.

For Salad:

Cut Red pepper and yellow pepper and roast them in a pan.
Add cherry tomatoes.
Add some mustard and little of olive oil in it.
Add salt and pepper to taste.
Turn off the heat.
Then add chopped sprouted beans in it and the orange juice.
Remove segments of orange to use as a garnish.
In a bowl take fresh chilled lettuce leaves and add your dressing and toss it.
Take a plate and place these lettuce leaves in it. Add beans and peppers. Place croutons and olives on it.
For garnish, sprinkle balsamic vinegar and orange segments on the top.

Serving Suggestions

    Serve 2
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By: Chef Shailendra Kekade

Show: Style Chef

Prep:15 Mins Cook: less than 15 min

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