Bread Idli


    Boiled Potatoes – 4 Nos.
    Hung Curd – 200 gm
    Bread slices – 8 nos.
    Mustard Seeds – 1 tsp
    Curry Leaves – 7 – 8 nos.
    Hing – a big pinch
    Chilli powder – 1 ½ tsp
    Salt – to taste
    AlooBhujia – 50 gm
    Green Chutney – 2 tbsp
    Tomato Ketchup – 2 tbsp
    Garam Masala – 1 tsp
    Chaat Masala – 1 tsp
    Green Chillies – 2 nos.
    Coriander – Few sprigs

preparation method

Mash the potatoes nicely
Add garam masala, chaat masala, chilli powder, chopped green chillies, salt and chopped coriander to it.
Cut Bread slices into roundels with help of a round cup. So they look like flat idli’s.
Now take 5o gm of potato mixture and stick it to the bread. Shape it like an idli with the help of your palms.
Cook this bread idli from the potato side first in a hot non-stick pan with olive oil. Then at the end golden brown the bread side as well.
Thin down the hung curd to a thick raita consistency with help of some water.
Tempering banao. In hot oil add mustard seeds, hing, curry leaves and some chilli powder.
Is tempering ko dahi mein add kardo. Add salt to taste.
Ab bread idli ko cover karo totally with this tempered curd.
Decorate aur garnish karo with ketchup, imli chutney and aloobhujia on top.

Serving Suggestions

    Serving 4

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By: Madhu Sneha

Show: Sunny Side Up

Prep:30 Mins Cook: 30 to 45 minutes

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