Cheddar Scones


Cheddar scones look really attractive because of their golden color and make an interesting snack.


    Self-rising flour plus a little more for dusting: -200gm.

    Butter (at room temperature):- 50gm.

    Oats: -25gm.

    Grated cheddar plus extra for topping (optional):- 75gm.

    Milk: -150ml

tools required



Baking dish

Plain cutter

Serving dish


preparation method

Heat microwave to 220 C.

In a bowl, take the flour and rub it in butter.

Mix well in the cheese and oats.

Stir in milk, if the mixture becomes dry, and then add little more milk.

Prepare soft dough from this mixture.

Dust the surface lightly using flour and then roll the dough.

Stamp out the rounds firmly with a 4cm plain cutter.

Again roll the trimmings and stamp out more.

Put these trimmings on a baking sheet and then dust with grated cheese or little flour.

Bake for about 15 minutes.

Take out and cool over wire rack just before serving.

Serving Suggestions

    Top with soft cheese or mashed avocado and serve.

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Prep:10 mins Cook: 15 to 30 minutes


Calories :- 130 Protein :- 4gm. Carbohydrate :- 15gm. Fat :- 6 gm. Saturated fat :- 4gm. Fibre :- 1gm. Sugar :- 1gm. Salt :- 0.36 gm.

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