Cheese Omelette

Cheese omelette is the perfect recipe when you are in hurry and it does not require so many ingredients.


    Eggs :-2
    Ham (washed and sliced):-1 slice
    Milk :-50 ml
    Green onion (chopped):-½ stalk
    Cheese :-50 ml
    Margarine :-5 ml
    Salt :-1 tsp
    Pepper :-1 tsp

tools required

Mixing bowl
Egg flipper

preparation method

In a bowl, combine ham, eggs, salt, onion, pepper, and milk. Beat this mixture well.
Heat margarine in a skillet on medium flame till it melts completely.
Into a skillet,pour the prepared egg mixture and when the omelet starts to set, lift edges using egg flipper.
Once the eggs are completely set but the upper portion is still amp, sprinkle ¾ part of the cheese all over it.
Fold 1 edge of the omelet over cheeseand then sprinkle the leftover cheese on it.
Slide omelet onto a dish and cut into parts.

Serving Suggestions

    Sprinkle with pepper, little grated cheeseand salt. Serve hotwith toasts and chutney/sauce.

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Saturated fat :-4.9 g Total fat :-11.7 g Calories :-158 Cholesterol:-227.4 mg Sodium :-1342.0 mg Total carbohydrates :-2.6 g Sugars :-0.5 g Dietary fiber :-0.3 g Protein :-10.2 g

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