Chicken and Spanish Rice

Chicken and Spanish rice is a rich recipe in protein and great for your taste buds too.


    All-purpose flour: -2 tbsp.

    Salt: -1 tsp.

    Pepper: -¼ tsp.

    Bone-in chicken breast halves: -2

    Butter or margarine: -1 tbsp.

    Chopped onion: -½ cup

    Chopped green pepper: -¼ cup

    Garlic cloves (minced):- 1

    Sliced pimentos (drained):- 1 jar/2.5 ounce

    Uncooked rice: -½ cup

    Chicken broth: -1-1/4 cups

    Ground turmeric: -½ tsp.

    Chili powder: -1/8 tsp.

tools required


Large resealable plastic bag

Ungreased 2-qt baking dish


Serving bowl

preparation method

In a large resealable plastic bag, mix half tsp. of salt and pepper with flour.

Put chicken to it and combine until well layered.

Heat butter in a skillet and then put chicken to it. Brown on a medium flame.

Take out chicken and keep aside.

In a pan drippings, sauté garlic, green pepper and onion till it becomes soft.

Add rice and pimientos. Decrease flame and cook for about two minutes. Stir occasionally.

Now stir in turmeric, chili powder, broth and leftover salt. Allow this mixture to boil.

In an ungreased 2-qt baking dish, pour it and top with chicken.

Bake covered at 350 degrees F for around 45 minutes.

Serving Suggestions

    Garnish with chopped coriander and serve hot.

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