Churros with grilled fruits & spicy chocolate


    2-3 eggs
    100 gms butter
    ½ tsp red chilli powder
    1 cup flour
    1 tsp all spice powder
    100 gms cream
    200 gms cooking chocolate
    4-5 sliced pineapple/musk melon
    1 cup water
    Salt to taste
    Oil for deep frying

preparation method

Boil some water, butter and salt in a pan together.
Once it starts boiling, add some flour in this pan and mix it well.
Whisk 2-3 eggs in it.
Transfer this mixture in a piping bag.
For sauce, boil cream in a pan.
Once cream starts boiling, add all-spice powder.
Then add red chilli powder and keep stirring.
Once this mixture is boiled, pour it in a bowl of chopped chocolates and keep stirring till it emulsifies.
Heat oil in a pan for frying churros.
Fry long shaped churros in this pan.
Grill some pieces of musk melon or pineapple in a grilled pan.
Transfer the churros in a bowl and toss them well.
Serve it with grilled fruits and spicy chocolate.

Serving Suggestions

    Serve 4
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By: Chef Shipra Khanna

Show: Pure Sin

Prep:25 Mins Cook: 30 to 45 minutes

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