Dragon Eye Brew

Dragon eye Brew is a coolant meant to beat the summer blues. It is a refreshing new twist in an ordinary coffee beverage making it more luscious and lip smacking.



    Green grapes, seedless: 36

    Raisins halved lengthwise: 18

    Cold ginger ale: 4 litre bottle

    Lime sherbet: 3 tubs or 1 quart


tools required




preparation method

The most tedious task is to make the eyeball grapes. Make a slit in the grapes with a pair of kitchen knife. Gently open the grapes and insert the raisins into the grapes. Freeze the grapes and raisins till they are really hard and firm.

In a bowl add 2L ginger ale and 1 quart of the lime sherbet and mix it well. Once the mixture is brewed pour the remaining sorbet over the top. Over the sorbet pour the ginger ale and add the little dragon balls on the top to make the beverage look pretty.

The dragon eyeballs can be kept frozen for a few weeks or blast-freeze it for a little while.


Serving Suggestions

    Serve in tall glasses with ice cubes.

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