Fish Biryani

A fish recipe with a difference, non-vegetarians will definitely like this delicious recipe.


    Biryani masala :- 3 tbsp

    Chili powder :- 1 tbsp

    Coriander leaves :- 1 bunch

    Curd :- 1 cup

    Dill leaf :- 1 springs

    Dry garam masala :- As required

    Fish :- 2

    Fried onion :- 1

    Ginger garlic paste :- 1 tbsp

    Green chilies :- 2

    Lime :- 1

    Mint leaves chopped :- 2 bunch

    Rice :- 250 gm

    Salt :- To taste

    Turmeric powder :- Pinch

    Water :- As required

tools required


Deep bottomed pan

Serving dish

preparation method

Marinate the fish pieces with turmeric powder, chili powder, oil, salt, biryani masala and lemon squeeze. Keep aside for half an hour.

In a pan, heat oil and cook the marinated fish pieces. Set aside.

In the same oil, put biryani masala, mint leaves, dill leaf, coriander leaves, garlic-ginger paste, lemon squeeze, salt, green chilies, fried onions, half of the mixture of cooked fish and curd.

Now half cooked rice in boiling water.

In a masala pan, evenly spread half cooked rice and then put onions.

Finally spread the masala and fish pieces. Cook covered for about 20 minutes over a low heat.

Serving Suggestions

    Garnish with chopped mint/coriander leaves and serve hot with chutney.

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