Fruit Sandesh



    Low Fat Paneer-200 gm
    Jaggery- 3 tbsp
    Low Fat Milk- 2 tbsp

    Pomegranate - ½ cup
    Grapes, slit and deseeded- 5-6
    Fresh Orange Juice- ½ cup
    Cornflour- ½ tbsp



    Low Fat Paneer- 200 gm
    Gur- 3 tbsp
    Low Fat doodh- 2 tbsp

    Anar- ½ cup
    Angoor, slit and deseeded- 5-6
    taja santre ka rus- ½ cup
    Cornflour- ½ tbsp
    Lemon- 1


preparation method

  • Blend low fat cottage cheese, Jaggery and low fat milk together and make into a
  • Granular mixture.
  • Mix pomegranate and prepared mixture in a bowl and place on a tray over
  • Butter paper.
  • Keep in refrigerator for a while.
  • Boil orange juice and lemon juice in a sauce pan.
  • Add cornflour to the boiling juices, stir continuously to avoid lumps.
  • Cook till smooth and thick, orange sauce is ready.
  • Season sandesh with grapes and orange sauce.
  • Fruit sandesh is ready to serve.




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By: Chef Shantanu Gupte

Show: Health Maange More Season 1

Prep:5 mins Cook: Cooking Not Required

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