Goshtaba is considered to be “The Dish of the Kings”.  This dish is famous for its taste and flavor.


    Condimented Minced Meat :- 1 kg.
    Curd :- 1.5 kg.
    Green Mint :- 50 gms.
    Emulsions of Shallots of Onions :- 4 tbsp.
    Mustard Oil :- 2 tbsp.

tools required

Copper Patila
Wooden/Steel ladle

preparation method

Prepare meat balls from the minced meat.
Take a heavy copper patila, add some water, salt, Aniseed and Ginger Powder and boil the meat balls.
Keep the meat balls separately after boiling.
Heat oil in the vessel and add Ghee, Garlic and cloves to the oil. Stir the mixture for some time and add battered curd to it. Stir it with a wooden or steel ladle. Ensure the curd does not crack.
Let the mixture boil and then add minced meat balls and the onion and shallot emulsions.
Roll the meat balls from time to time using a spatula.
Cook the mixture on low heat until it becomes thick.
Add Black Cardamom, cinnamon and Garam Masala to the mixture. Mix well.
Goshtaba is ready to serve.

Serving Suggestions

    Garnish Goshtaba with finely cut mint leaves.

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