Hakka Noodles

Hakka Noodles is a famous street food where different vegetables are stir fried in high heat and tossed with noodles.



    Branded noodles: - 1 packet

    Chopped ginger: - 1 tsp

    Chopped garlic: - 1 tsp

    Thinly sliced carrots: - ½ cup

    Thinly sliced green bell peppers: - 1 cup

    Thinly sliced cabbage: - ½ cup

    Thinly sliced onions: - ½ cup

    Chopped spring onion leaves: - ½ cup

    Black pepper powder: - 1 tsp

    Chinese green chili sauce: - 2 tbsp

    Vegetable/Sunflower oil: - 4 tbsp

    Salt: - to taste

tools required

Frying pan

Serving dish


preparation method

As per the package instructions, cook the noodles and once done, then pour 1 tbsp. of oil. Set aside.

In a frying pan, heat oil and add garlic, carrots, sliced onions, cabbage, green bell peppers and ginger. Sauté over high flame until vegetables are cooked.

Add green chili sauce, cooked noodles, salt and pepper powder. Stir until all the cooked vegetables blend with noodles.

Serving Suggestions

    Serve hot with green or red chili sauce.

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Calories: - 195.5 Total fat: - 8.6 gm Saturated fat: - 1.3 gm Cholesterol: - 23.2 mg Sodium: - 12.0 mg Total carbohydrate: - 25.8 gm Dietary fiber: - 2.4 gm Sugars: - 3.2 gm Protein: - 4.8 gm

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