Light Spaghetti Salad

This salad is popular among st diet conscious people due to its low cholesterol level.



    Spaghetti: -2 packages (12 ounce)

    Small red onion (chopped):- 1

    Red bell pepper (seeded and chopped):- 1

    Cucumber (chopped):- 1

    Tomato(chopped):- 1

    Fat-free Italian salad dressing: -1 bottle (16 ounce)

    Dry Italian salad dressing mix: -1 package (0.7 ounce)

    Salt: -1 tsp.

tools required

Large pot

Salad bowl

Serving bowl


preparation method

In a large pot, boil lightly salted water and cook spaghetti in it for about 15 minutes.Occasionally stir.

Drain and then rinse cooked spaghetti in cold water.

Transfer spaghetti into a salad bowl and toss with cucumber, red bell pepper, onion, salad dressing mix, Italian salad dressing, salt and tomato.

Mix well and keep it in a refrigerator for half an hour.

Take out and serve chilled.

Serving Suggestions

    Serve chilled with milkshake or juice.

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Prep:20 Mins Cook: less than 15 min


Salad tastes better the longer it chills. Total fat: -1.0 gm. Calories: -268 Cholesterol: -0.0 mg

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