Mango Mousse

Mango Mousse is a wonderful dessert which mango lovers will enjoy.


    Mango puree:- 500 ml
    Water:- 1-1/2 tbsp.
    Gelatin:- 1 tbsp.
    Egg whites (stiffly beaten):- 3
    Cream:- 300 ml
    Pineapple flavor micro jelly:- 1 tbsp.
    Extra whipped cream for garnishing
    Chocolate sauce for garnishing
    Cherry for garnishing:- 1
    Readymade chocolate decoration for garnishing:- 1

tools required


Medium bowl

Serving bowl

preparation method

In a small vessel, soak the gelatin in water for about five minutes and then put the vessel in a simmering water pan to dissolve the gelatin. Allow it to cool.

Now add the pureed mango in the vessel and mix the gelatinas well. Stir well.

Put the cream and combine well.

Mix in the egg whites in this mixture and then transfer it in a round shaped cake pan. Keep this pan in the fridge till it completely sets.

Soak the pineapple flavored jelly in little warm water and keep stirring tillit completely dissolves. Let it cool and then thinly spread it on a mousse to coat the top portion. Mark into segments using a tip of the knife and again chill.

Finally, decorate with swirls of whipped cream and dribble chocolate sauce over the cream. Put a cherry in the center.

Serving Suggestions

    Top this delicious dessert with mango slices and few sprinkles of sugar.

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Total fat:- 0.5 g Calories:- 128.7 Cholesterol:- 0.1 mg Carbohydrates:- 26.1g Protein:- 5.6g Saturated fat:- 0.1 g Dietary fiber:- 2.4 g Total sugars:- 15.3 g Sodium:- 192.7mg Potassium:- 262.1 mg

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