Mix Veg Noodles Soup

Mixed Vegetable Noodles Soup has a soothing flavor, just right for the cold days.


    Corn flour :- 2 tbsp
    Water :- 4 glasses
    Soya sauce :- 2 tbsp
    White vinegar :- 1 tbsp
    Ground black pepper :- ½ tsp
    Small green chili (chopped) :- 2
    Vegetable oil :- 2 tbsp
    Onion (chopped) :- 1
    Garlic (chopped) :- 4
    Beans (chopped) :- 1 cup
    Cabbage (chopped) :- 1 cup
    Broccoli (chopped) :- 1 cup
    Carrot (chopped) :- 1 cup
    Capsicum (chopped) :- ½ cup
    Mushroom (chopped) :- ½ cup
    Boiled noodles :- 1 cup
    Salt :- 1 tbsp
    Ajinomoto :- ½ tsp 

tools required


Deep-bottomed pan

Serving bowl


preparation method

In a bowl, combine corn flour in cold water and cook on a low heat. Continuously stir to prevent lump formation.

Add white vinegar, soya sauce, black pepper, ajinomoto and salt.

Heat oil in a deep-bottomed pan and add all the chopped vegetables.

Pour 1 tsp of water and cook on low heat for 10 minutes. Cover with a lid and stir in-between.

Combine all the cooked vegetables in the corn flour and then mix the pre-boiled noodles to it.

Boil this mixture for a few minutes and switch off the flame.

Garnish with shredded cheese and serve hot.

Serving Suggestions

    Garnish with shredded cheese and serve hot.

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