Moong, Olive and Capsicum Sandwich


    1 No. foot long bread
    1/4 red capsicum,cut into strips
    ½ green capsicum,cut into strips
    ¼ yellow capsicum cut into strips
    ½ cup sprouted moong
    2 tsp vinegar
    2 tsp sugar, (Cheeni/shakkar)
    1 tsp butter, (makkhan)
    2 tomatoes, sliced(Tamater)
    2 tbsp mozerella cheese,grated
    Pinch of black pepper, (kali mirch)
    Salt to taste, (namak)
    3 tbsp olive oil

preparation method

Heat 1 tbsp of Olive oil in a grill pan .
Add the three capsicums into it and grill for 5-7 minutes.Keep aside.
Heat another pan and add butter in it and sauté sprouts for 3 minutes.
Add salt and black pepper to the moong and stir fry for another 2 minutes.
Now cut a foot long bread in half and slit both halfs in the middle to create 4 pieces.
In a small bowl add vinegar, sugar, salt and remaining olive oil and whisk till the mixture emulsifies.
Heat a little butter in a pan and saute the moong sprouts for a minute and season them.Keep aside.
With the help of a brush spread the oil mixture on top of each of the four bread pieces. Arrange slices of tomatoes on top of it.
With the help of tongs put a few slices of the grilled capsicum on each piece. Add a few spoonfuls of sprouts on each bread.
Now grate some mozerella cheese on each of the four slices.
Add some sliced olives on top of each.
Preheat the Oven to 200 degree celcius and bake the breads till the cheese melts completely.
Garnish with some oregano flakes and olives and serve the open sandwiches hot.


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