Mountain Cake

Yummy Mountain Cake is easy to prepare and everyone will just love it.


    1 ½ cup castor sugar

    1 cup butter

    5 eggs

    Vanilla essence

    150 gms refined flour

    3 gms baking powder

    3 gms nutmeg powder

    Whipped cream

    Chocolate powder

tools required







preparation method

In a bowl, add castor sugar, butter and beat with an electric beater. Add eggs one by one only, so that batter doesn’t tear ; and beat with the electric beater in one direction only. Add buttermilk , and vanilla essence. Add milk and beat again. Add baking powder . refined flour  and in the batter and  nutmeg powder. Mix well to remove all lumps. Add milk  and mix.

Take a greased cake tin and pour in the tin tin. Bake for 15-20 min in a preheated oven at 180 *C . Set aside to cool and demould later. Take whipped cream and spread pon the cake. With the help of a spoon , make peaks of the whipped cream. Sprinkle some chocolate powder through a strainer.  Serve.


Serving Suggestions

    Sprinkle some chocolate powder through a strainer. Serve.
  • swati803

    Hey Amrita,
    What can be used in place of egg in this recipe?

  • addy

    Can whipped cream be made from Amul cream??

    • admin

      Yes whisk it on top of bowl filled with ice

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