Namak Paare with Dips


    Flour - 250 Gms
    Ajwain - 10 Gms
    Ghee - 60 Gms
    Water - 40ml
    Salt - 10 Gms
    Peppercorn - 10 Gms
    Curd - 30 Gms
    Soda bicarbonate -  5 Gms
    Ghee -  250 ml (For frying)
    Beetroot puree -  50 gms
    Spinach puree - 50 gms
    Sweet chilli sauce - 50 ml
    mayo - 100 ml

preparation method

Rub the oil with the flour , the salt , the ajwain into a course mixturte Divide it in three equal parts Add beetroot puree to one part and make a dough Add spinach puree to another part and make a dough With the remaining mixture make a plain dough Rest it for 15 minutes Cut into thin strips and then deep fry Serve with mint mayo and sweet chilli dip

Serving Suggestions

    Serve 4
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By: Chef Ajay Chopra

Show: Hi Tea

Prep:15 MIns Cook: 15 to 30 minutes

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