Oats Wonton Soup


    1. masala and coriander oats 1 packet
    2. Water To cook oats
    3. Chopped spring onions 1 no
    4. Minced Mushrooms 3-4 nos
    5. Finely sliced Carrots ¼ cup
    6. Roughly chopped Bok choy 2-3 nos
    7. Wonton sheets 5-6 nos
    8. Flour 2 tbsp
    9. Soy sauce 2 tsp
    10. Salt To taste

preparation method

• Cook Saffola masala oats in water and once cooked let it rest.
• Take 2 tbsp flour and add water in it to form a paste.
• Lay out wonton wrappers on clean surface. Place 1 tsp of oats on it. Brush all edges of each wrapper with the glue. Fold wrappers into triangles, pressing edges together to seal in filling.
• Take a pan with water and place dim sum basket in it.
• Use cabbage leaves as a base in dim sum basket and place wantons in it.
• Take oil in a pan and once heated add chopped spring onions, finely sliced carrot, minced mushrooms and roughly chopped bok choy.
• Add salt, soy sauce and vegetable stock and let it simmer.
• Place wontons in a deep bowl and pour the soup on it.

Serving Suggestions

    Serve 2
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By: Chef Amrita Raichand

Show: Mummy Ka Magic

Prep:20 Mins Cook: 15 to 30 minutes

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