Onion Pickle

Onion pickle is a great combination of onion, green chilies and tamarind.


    Big onions (chopped) :- ½ kg
    Green chilies (chopped) :- 4
    Garlic (chopped) :- 100 gm
    Chili powder :- 2 tbsp
    Oil :- 75 ml
    Jaggery (crushed) :- 1 small piece
    Thick tamarind extract :- 2 tbsp
    Salt :- To taste
    Curry leaves :- Few

tools required


Medium-sized bowl


Airtight container

preparation method

In a pan, heat 50 ml oil and sauté the mixture of green chilies, onions, curry leaves and garlic. Fry until the onions shade transparent.

Put salt and chili powder. Sauté over low heat.

Mix the tamarind water and stir well. Cook on high heat for about 3 minutes.

Add jaggery to the pickle and thoroughly mix.

Transfer this mixture into dry and clean glass bottles. Keep aside.

Heat the leftover oil and pour all over the pickle as a thin coat.

Serving Suggestions

    Serve onion pickle with dal-rice or roti.

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Prep:15 Mins Cook: Cooking Not Required


Store onion pickle in an airtight container. It stays in a good condition for around one month.

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