Pineapple Souffle

Pineapple Souffle is prepared from eggs, pineapple syrup, gelatin and cream.


    Cream (chilled):- 1-1/2 cup

    Tinned pineapple:- 4 slices

    Pineapple syrup:- ┬ż cup

    Lemon juice:- 2 tbsp

    Gelatin:- 1 tbsp

    Water:- 1 cup

    Sugar:- 3 cups

    Eggs (separated):- 3

tools required


Medium bowl

Serving bowl

Double boiler/saucepan

preparation method

Drain the slices of pineapple and remove the excessive fluid.

Shred 2 of the pineapple slices into small cuts and allow it to drain further in the colander.

In double boiler, take the yolks and the egg whites into grease less and clean vessel. Make sure the yellow and whites do not mix in each other, otherwise the egg whites will not get beaten stiff enough.

Mix the gelatin in one cup of water and allow it to soak.

In the yolks, put the sugar and beat until it turns creamy and light.

Keep the double boiler filled with water on low heat.

Mix 3/4 cup syrup in the yolk mixture and keep a pan over the hot water, continuously stirring.

Put the soaked gelatin once it becomes warm and keep stirring until it achieves a covering consistency.

Remove from flame; combine the lime squeeze and let it cool until the souffle is set partially.

Beat the whites till it reaches stiff peaks and then keep it covered.

Now beat the cream stiff and mix into the souffle.

Combine in the whites also and avoid lump formation.

Mix this prepared mixture in the pineapple(chopped).

Transfer this mixture into the vessel. Decorate it with the well beaten cream and the pineapple cuts. Keep souffle in the fridge to set.

Serve chilled.

Serving Suggestions

    Decorate with cherries, pineapple piecesand green peels. Serve chilled. Sprinkle with sugar powderand serve immediately.

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Set this Pineapplesouffl├ę in any serving bowl and without greaseproof paper.

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