Rajasthanidana Methimathri

Rajasthanidana Methimathri is a flavorsome Rajasthani snack which you can have any time!


    Maida, 1 cup dana-methi (crudely crushed), 1 tablespoon black pepper (coarsely crumpled), 1 tablespoon haldi, one pinch Salt as needed Ghee, 2 tablespoons Cooking oil

tools required


preparation method

In a bowl, combine together all the dry contents and add dahi in the maida to make a firm dough. You can even add water if you feel it is needed. Now fold puris of approximate 4 inches size from the dough. With a small fork, start pricking the puris but make ensure holes are not formed and the pricking is only on the surface of the dough. Now fold the puri half and again fold it in half which will make the mathri.  Keep it aside for at least ten minutes. On medium flame, deep fry the mathris.

Serving Suggestions

    Serve fresh

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