Sabudana Dosa

Sabudana dosa tastes yummy and you can enjoy as a snack or a meal by itself.


    Sago/sabudana (soak in yogurt for 6 hrs and pour water if necessary) :- ½ cup
    Yogurt :- 1-1/4 cup
    Red chilies (remove stems, washed and chopped) :- 3 tbsp
    Rice flour :- 3 tbsp
    Cumin seeds :- ½ tsp
    Salt :- To taste
    Cilantro leaves (washed and chopped) :- Few springs

tools required



Serving dish

preparation method

In a bowl, combine soaked sabudana, green chilies, rice flour, cumin seeds, salt and cilantro.

Pour about 1-1/4 cup of water and prepare a dosa batter.

Heat a pan over medium flame and then spread quarter tsp. of oil on it using a spoon.

Pour a big ladle of dosa batter on a hot pan and spread into circles. Fry until lower side begins to turn golden brown.

Put little oil on dosa and flip it.

Cook the other side on medium flame for 1 minute.

Repeat the similar procedure with leftover dosa batter.

Serve hot.

Serving Suggestions

    Serve Sabudana dosa with chutney or pickle.

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Prep:15 Mins Cook: less than 15 min


Soak the sabudana well in yogurt. You can also soak the sabudana for more time and then grind it into a past just before mixing in the rice flour. In case dosa sticks to itself or too soft, then put it on a flat pan and cook over low flame for 2 minutes. Or add the rice flour. Total carbohydrates :- 148 gm Cholesterol :- 10 mg Calories :- 707 Sodium :- 70 mg Total fat :- 52 g Saturated fat :- 2 gm Protein :- 15 gm Dietary fiber :- 7 gm Sugars :- 11 gm

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