Shahi Gatte ki Sabzi


    Gram Flour                                   4 tbsp

    Curd                                                 1 tbsp

    Red chili powder                           ½ tsp

    Cumin powder                              ½ tsp

    Oil                                                    1 tbsp

    Salt                                                  to taste

    To prepare the curry:

    Curd                                                1 cup

    Cumin seeds                                 ½ tsp

    Red Chilli Powder                          ½ tsp

    Turmeric powder                       ½ tsp

    Cumin powder                           ½ tsp

    Oil                                                    1 tbsp

    Salt                                                  to taste



     Gatte banane ke liye :

    Besan                                             4 tbsp

    Dahi                                                1 tbsp

    Lal mirch powder                        ½ tsp

    Zeera powder                              ½ tsp

    Tel                                                  1 tbsp

    Namak                                           swad anusar

    Curry banana ke liye:

    Dahi                                                  1 cup

    Jeera                                                ½ tsp

    Lal Mirch  Powder                          ½ tsp

    Haldi  powder                            ½ tsp

    Jeera powder                             ½ tsp

    Tel                                                    1 tbsp

    Namak                                            Swad anusar

preparation method

In a pan, sauté cumin seeds & bay leaf. Add vegetables& water chestnuts& toss tightly.
Take off flame & add green gram sprouts, peanuts, red chilli powder, vinegar & honey.
Mix well. Serve over fresh cabbage leaves.

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One Comment on "Shahi Gatte ki Sabzi"

  1. angel.sandeepsharma March 6, 2013 at 5:18 am -

    i like this vegetable & very easy to make.

By: Chef Shantanu Gupte

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Prep:20 mins Cook: 15 to 30 minutes


Shahi gate ki sabzi is a very healthy recipe for the sugar patients as it has low glycemic index which slowly reduces the sugar in the body. It has lot of calcium, proteins and probiotic bacteria which helps in increasing the immunity.

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