Southern Bound Mete or Flaming Shot

A drink made to make the party go fizzy with its delicious taste.

A balance of sweet and bitter taste of cherry and alcohol makes it a perfect choice for a lovely evening.


    Maraschino cherry: 1

    Southern Comfort: 1 part

    Goldschl├Ąger: 1 part

    151-proof rum: 1 splash

tools required


Shot Glass



preparation method

Wash the cherry and pat it dry with a kitchen towel. Remove the stem of the cherry and drop it into the shot glass.

Pour in the liqueur in the mentioned proportions and stir lightly.

Top the mixture with a splash of rum.

Set the rum on a light fire with the help of a lighter or matchstick.

To extinguish the fire place an empty glass over the top.

Care must be taken that the drink should be consumed only without the flame and extinguishing is a must.


Serving Suggestions

    Serve in a shot glass with extra cherry.

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