Szechuan Soup

A popular soup with an authentic flavor of Chinese cuisine.


    Soaked noodles (Chinese vermicelli):- 2 cups

    Dried Chinese mushrooms: - 15

    Oil: - 1 tbsp

    Dark soy sauce: - 1 tbsp

    Sugar: - 2 tsp

    Hot water: - ¼ cup

    Light soy sauce: - 1 tbsp

    Chopped cooked prawns: - ½ cup

    Fresh bean curd (chopped):- ½ cup

    Chicken stock: - 6 cups

    Any mild vinegar: - 1 tbsp

    Chinese wine: - 1 tbsp

    Chili oil: - 1 tsp

    Eggs (beaten):- 2

    Corn flour: - 1-½ tbsp

    Cold water: - 6 tbsp

    Salt and pepper: - to taste

tools required


Serving bowl


preparation method

In hot water, soak mushrooms for about 25 minutes.

Soak the wooden fungus for ten minutes to remove gritty parts.

Make small pieces of leftover fungus and keep aside.

Make small pieces of soaked noodles.

Cut and discard stems, then make slices of the mushroom caps.

In a saucepan, heat oil and fry ground beef and mushroom. Continuously stir until brown.

Mix sugar, ¼ cup of water and dark soya sauce to it. Cover with a lid and simmer until mushrooms have soaked water completely.

Add prawns and bean curd. Stir-fry for about two minutes.

Combine the noodles and stock to it. Allow this mixture to boil.

Simmer this mixture on low flame for about five minutes.

Put the vinegar, chili oil, wine and light soy while dribbling eggs into simmering mixture. Continuously stir to separate eggs into shreds.

Add corn flour in cold water and then mix it to soup but keep the saucepan away from flame.

In each serving bowl, put 1 tsp. of wood fungus and pour boiling soup.

Serve hot.

Serving Suggestions

    Serve hot with salad.

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