Tomato Rava Upma

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    Semolina- 1 cup

    Onion, sliced-1 medium

    Tomato, chopped-1 medium

    Green chilies, finely chopped-1tsp

    Ginger, finely chopped-1 tsp

    Curry leaves-4-5

    Cashew nuts, roasted-3 tsp

    Mustard seeds-½ tsp

    Cumin seeds-½ tsp

    Oil-1 tbsp

    Salt – to taste

    Coconut, grated- to garnish

    Coriander leaves, chopped-to garnish




    Sooji- 1 cup

    Pyaaj,katta hua- 1 medium

    tamater, kata hua- 1 medium

    Hari mirch,bareek katti hui-1tsp

    Adrak,bareek kati hue- 1 tsp

    Kadipatta- 4-5

    Kaju,bhune hue-3 tsp

    Rai- ½ tsp

    Jeera- ½ tsp

    Tel- 1 tbsp

    Namak – to taste

    Nariyal,pisa hua-sajaawat ke liye

    Dhaniya patta,katta hua-Sajaawat ke liye

preparation method

In a wok, heat oil and toss in mustard seeds, cumin seeds. Fry seeds splutter

Add the curry leaves, ginger, green chilies, onion and salt. Stir fry till onions are transparent and soft

Add tomato and cashew nuts. Cook till done.

Mix in semolina and dry roast

Add boiling water stirring continuously to avoid lumps.

Cook till the mixture is almost dry.

Garnish with grated coconut and corianders leaves.

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By: Chef Shantanu Gupte

Show: Health Maange More

Prep:20 Mins Cook: less than 15 min


Curry leaves increase your metabolism rate so it helps you digest the food better

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