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Feeling unhealthy? Haven’t been eating right? Missing ghar ka khana? Want someone or something to blame? Best place to start … your fridge. Is all you see in your fridge a greasy fast food nightmare, high calorie leftovers from last night’s party and a flashback of your mother shaking her head in sorrow saying, “mera baccha kab sudarega”.


Well it’s time to call in the fridge food experts…aka Chef Saransh Goila and his hand-picked ‘Fridge Forensic Team’. It’s true! Chef Saransh is on a mission to transform the nation’s Refrigerator nightmare ingredients into dream recipes… one chilly icebox at a time… and he’ll do it in just 10 minutes. So ditch the excuses and turn over a new leaf in your Fridge Book… with the young, trendy Chef Saransh showing you the way.


Tuesday 02.10 PM

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