Chef Shazia Khan

Chef Shazia Khan

Chef Shazia Khan is a runner up from the celebrated show MasterChef India. As a celebrity Chef on FOODFOOD Channel, Chef Shazia hosts, ‘K for Kids’ which is all about experiencing happy and joyful cooking, where kids learn to cook and appreciate their moms role in the kitchen in a fun way. Shazia is also a member of the board of management, at Delhi Public School Bangalore North. They run many educational institutes in Bangalore and Shazia involves herself in the education business.


Biography Name: Salma Shazia Fatima Khan
Nick Name: Shazia
Residence address: Bengaluru
Occupation: Teacher
Proficiency: Veg and NonVeg

Shazia Khan, a 35 year old homemaker and business woman from Bangalore is a dreamer who knows what her passions are and doesn’t hesitate to pursue
them. She has become a national face now with her Master Chef journey that brought her skills and creativity in the kitchen, to millions of homes in the
country. She won the hearts of the audience with her calm demeanor and pleasant attitude even under pressure. She always had dreams of pursuing her personal passion, food! She says that cooking for her is a stress buster and a very spiritual experience. Although
she has no formal training; she has developed her culinary skills by cooking for her family, friends and through trial and error. She enjoys seeing the
happiness on the faces of her loved ones when they relish eating what she cooks; and she says, she loves cooking so much, that she even dreams of
recipes sometimes.

She has many exciting dreams for the future, like having a culinary school for underprivileged women and writing a cookbook. She also wants to produce a travel cum cookery show that lets her travel to remote corners of the world, bring their cuisines to the masses and take ours to