Quick and easy way to improve taste of Daal/Sabzi is to use some ready mix of spices and pastes that are available in the market.
Toast some bread slices, apply some jam and cut them into small quarters. Make a batter of milk and eggs adding nutmeg and sugar. Pour this batter in an oven proof glass bowl, add the bread pieces, some nuts or tutti-frutti, bake at 180 degree C for about 20 minutes.
You can make a batter from 1 egg, 1 and ½ cup maida, salt, pepper, 1 and ½ cup milk or water and finally some oil (1 tbsp). The batter should be of pouring consistency.
You must use milk and butter together and cook on slow flame.
Simple way to make white gravy ithout the addition of ginger and garlic paste: Use some onions, boil them and make a paste, add cashewnut paste, some split green chillies, white pepper and keep cooking for about 25 minutes. Now add milk and cook for about 10 minutes. Now strain the gravy and use as required.
To maintain the colour of Capsicum, undercook them or deep fry them before using. For deep frying Capsicum, heat oil, add cubes of Capsicum, count to ten and remove the capsicum cubes. It’s difficult to maintain colour of Sarson Ka Saag. Because of the high iron content the saag turns black; and since we generally overcook saag for the extra taste, it turns dark green. Avoid adding soda to both these dishes.
The combination of rice to udad daal is important. Secondly to make a dosa crispy, as you spread the dosa it is important to note when the dosa starts sticking to the tawa, pour oil and scrape off the top of the dosa and remove excess layers of batter to make it paper thin.
For a pie crust to be crispy, the proportion of maida, butter and egg should be perfect. For inside to be soft, the custard mixture should be correct, with eggs, cheese and milk added in the right proportions.
Put some dressing. Make dressings using poly-unsaturated fats.
After you boil rice, either toss with ingredients of your choice or while boiling add bay leaf and other whole spices.
Simple. You have to apply a thin batter layer to make the dosa crispy, the ratio generally followed is 60 (Rice) : 40 (Udad Dal)
Use new potatoes. Peel and cut into sticks, par oil, strain and then half fry them and freeze them. As per requirement, remove and deep fry them once again. They will be crispy.
You have to use emulsifiers. At home, a quick method is to mix thick yoghurt with some unsaturated oil, seasoning, protein powder …
Grate the gajar, cook in ghee first. Once done, add sugar, milk and mawa. Finish with mixing in some dry fruits.
Koftas can be simply made by mashing some mixed vegetables with potatoes and for binding one can use bread or corn flour. Season the koftas and fry them. Use them in any gravy of your choice.
Quick Jalebis can be made by mixing maida, vinegar, soda (drinking soda) and use it instantly.
Heat the tawa, pour some oil and rub an onion on it.
Either mix them together; or first add coconut milk, and cream can be added just before removing the dish from gas.
The yellow colour might be because of yellow butter, eggs or some impurities in the ingredients. Also note that whisking is important. You should check the margarine also that you use.
Soya milk, bean sprouts, muesli, egg white, have them every day and enjoy a great day. Don’t forget to jog in the morning which actually keeps you active throughout the day.
Eggs are generally substituted in the following manner: One egg equals – 5 gms of butter, 2 tbsp of maida, ¼ tsp of baking soda, 2 tbsp of milk. One has to try out a method for perfecting the substitution. Although it is important to note for which recipe you are substituting the egg.
For making dough soft you can use buttermilk/yoghurt, milk powder, milk, ghee, butter
Punjabis use lots of peppers, black cardamom, bay leaf and ginger powder.
If you are making tart shells, then you just have to add flour, butter, little sugar and knead the dough with milk.
For baking pizza, pre-heat the oven for about 10 minutes, then bake at 220 degree C for about 8 minutes maximum
Dahi generally curdles when heated. One option is to add little four to the yoghurt (1 tsp to one cup of yoghurt), blend well and then use if you don’t want the yoghurt to separate.
After some time you can cover the same with butter paper and keep cooking.
Rasgulla making is an art mastered over years. The art of separating chenna at the correct temperature and then mashing the same fine and cooking sugar syrup is mastered over years.
If the cake mixture is more than the required quantity in a mould, then generally it is soft in the center and remains uncooked.