Kiwi Cheese Cake

Kiwi Cheese Cake

From   Pure Sin

Prep: 10 hours

Cook: 0 minutes

Method: Moderate

Course: Dessert

Type: Fusion

A lovely looking cheesecake that is just as tasty


  • Kiwi puree 1 cup
  • Kiwi, chopped 1
  • Kiwi, sliced 1
  • Digestive biscuits 6 to 8
  • Butter 4 tbsps
  • Cream cheese 1 cup
  • Gelatin 1½ tbsps
  • Hung yogurt ½ cup
  • Sweet condensed milk 200 gms
  • Whipped cream 1 cup
  • Sugar 1 cup


  • Roughly break the digestive biscuits and put in a grinder jar and grind to a coarse powder. Add butter and grind again.
  • Put this in a spring bottom cake tin and spread evenly. Keep the tin in the refrigerator to chill.
  • Soak ¾ tbsp gelatin in some hot water in a small bowl and mix till it dissolves.
  • Take cream cheese and hung yogurt in a mixing bowl and mix well. Add condensed milk, gelatin and whipped cream in this mixture and mix well. Add chopped kiwi and mix well.
  • Line the walls of the cake tin with kiwi slices and pour the batter in. Keep the cake tin in the refrigerator overnight to set.
  • For topping, boil kiwi puree, a little water, sugar and remaining gelatin in a non-stick pan, stirring till the sugar and gelatin dissolve.
  • Pour this mixture on top of the cheese cake and keep it back in the refrigerator to set.
  • Unmould the cheesecake on a serving platter, cut into wedges and serve.