Matar ki Poori

Matar ki Poori

Prep: 35 minutes

Cook: 35 minutes

Method: Easy

Course: Snack

Type: Indian

Even those who do not like eating green peas will enjoy these pooris


  • Leftover green peas subzi 1 cup
  • Whole wheat flour 2 cups
  • Carom seeds (ajwain) ½ tsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Turmeric powder (optional) ½ tsp
  • Cumin powder ½ tsp
  • Garam masala powder ½ tsp
  • Ginger, chopped ½ tsp
  • Red chilli powder ½ tsp
  • Asafoetida (hing) 1 pinch
  • Oil ½ tspn+ to deep fry
  • Yogurt to serve
  • Pickle to serve


  • Take wheat flour in a mixing bowl, add carom seeds and salt and mix. Add sufficient water and knead into a stiff dough. Add a little oil and knead again. Cover with a damp cloth and rest for 20 minutes.
  • Put the pea subzi in a blender jar and blend coarsely. Transfer it into a bowl, add turmeric powder, cumin powder, garam masala powder, ginger, red chilli powder and asafoetida and mix well.
  • Divide the dough into equal portions and shape them into balls. Shape each ball into a little katori, place some peas mixture, bring the edges together and pinch to seal. Roll each stuffed ball into a small poori.
  • Heat sufficient oil in a kadai, slide in the pooris, one at a time and deep fry till puffed and golden brown. Drain on absorbent paper.
  • Arrange the pooris on a serving plate and serve with bowls of yogurt and pickles.