Mexican Rice

Mexican Rice

From   Firangi Tadka

Prep: 15 minutes

Cook: 20 minutes

Method: Easy

Course: Rice

Type: Mexican

Key Ingredients:

Full of flavour and spicy enjoy this rice preparation to the fullest


  • Rice (preferably Basmati), soaked 1 cup
  • Vegetable stock 1½ cups
  • Oil 2 tbsps
  • Garlic cloves, finely chopped 6 to 7
  • Onions, sliced 1 cup
  • Dried red chillies 3
  • Carrots, grated 1½ cups
  • Medium green or red capsicum, cut into square pieces 1
  • Medium tomato, cut into square pieces 1
  • Mexican seasoning 1½ tsps
  • Mexican seasoning - grind together
  • Cumin seeds 1 tsp
  • Red chilli flakes 2 tsps
  • Oregano 1 tsp


  • Heat oil in a big non-stick pan, add garlic and onions and saute for 2-3 minutes on high heat.
  • Add dried red chillies and rice and saute on high heat.
  • Add Mexican seasoning and salt and mix well. Pour 1 cup vegetable stock, mix, cover and cook on medium heat for 5 minutes or till half done.
  • Add carrot, red capsicum and tomato and mix gently so that the rice grains do not break. Add remaining stock, mix, cover and cook further for 3 minutes or till fully done.
  • Transfer into a serving bowl and serve hot.