Mozarella Chicken Rolls

Mozarella Chicken Rolls

From   Tea Time

Prep: 15 minutes

Cook: 15 minutes

Method: Easy

Course: Starter

Type: Gujarati

Mozzarella sticks rolled in chicken breasts and shallow fried


  • Boneless chicken breasts 2
  • Mozzarella cheese 1 slab
  • Mint chutney as required
  • Oil 1½ tbsps + to shallow-fry
  • Red chilli powder ½ tsp
  • Salt ½ tsp


  • Slit each chicken breast horizontally from middle without cutting through. Open them out, keep them between two polythene sheets and beat with a steak hammer to flatten them. Trim the edges to straighten them and cut each breast into 2 equal pieces.
  • Cut mozzarella cheese into 4 pieces the same length as the chicken pieces.
  • Spread mint chutney on the chicken breasts. Place mozzarella fingers in the middle of the chicken breast and roll. Trim the edges of the rolls if required. Keep these rolls on a plate.
  • Take 1½ tbsps oil in another plate, add red chilli powder and salt and mix well. Roll the chicken rolls in this mixture.
  • Heat sufficient oil in a non-stick pan, place the rolls in it and cook, rotating the rolls for even cooking on all sides, till the chicken is well cooked.
  • Drain and arrange them on a serving platter and serve hot with a bowl of mint chutney.