Waffle Cones with Superfood Mousse Fill

Waffle Cones with Superfood Mousse Fill

From   Mummy Ka Magic

Prep: 45 minutes

Cook: 10 minutes

Method: Easy

Course: Dessert

Type: Fusion

These waffle cones are not filled with ice cream but with a nutritious mousse


  • Waffle cones 4
  • Hung yogurt 1 cup
  • Sweetened condensed milk ½ cup
  • Whipped cream 2 cups
  • Sugar ½ cup
  • Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds, Melon seeds ¼ cup
  • Butter for greasing


  • Take hung yogurt in a mixing bowl, add condensed milk and whisk well. Add whipped cream, mix well and chill in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
  • Heat a non-stick pan, add sugar and cook till it caramelizes. Add pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and melon seeds and mix well.
  • Grease a baking tray with butter and spread the seed mixture on it evenly. Set aside to set and cool.
  • Break the praline mixture with a knife into small pieces and transfer into a small bowl.
  • Put the mousse in a piping bag fitted with a star nozzle.
  • Pipe the mixture into the waffle cones till half filled, sprinkle some praline and top it up with more mousse mixture till the cones are full.
  • Serve immediately.