Ticket Restaurant Meal Vouchers People's Restaurant (MUMBAI)

People's Restaurant is a new show launched by FOODFOOD, India's most gastronomically loaded food lifestyle channel. The show honors the outstanding restaurants who welcome Ticket Restaurant® Meal Vouchers across cities in India. The show has 3 participants and 2 Celebrity Guests in each episode consisting of local well-known personalities belonging to different walks of life such as a food connoisseurs, radio jockey, actors, socialites and one will be a user of the Ticket Restaurant® Meal Vouchers. These selected participants and guests experience the gourmet delights and cuisines served by the restaurants in their city. The restaurants are rated by them and the highest scoring restaurant is declared as the 'People's Restaurant' of that particular city. It is a weekly show airing every Wednesday at 8:30PM on FOODFOOD channel Anchor-Karan Mehra,Celebrity Guest- Deepti Bhatnagar,Raj Singh Arora