Should You Chew on Tulsi Leaves? Here’s Why It’s Absolutely Harmful to do so

Should You Chew on Tulsi Leaves? Here’s Why It’s Absolutely Harmful to do so

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Tulsi aka Holy Basil is a magical herb that can cure all diseases, it is loaded with multiple health benefits. When consumed every day, it can help in boosting your immunity. But you should NEVER chew on Tulsi leaves, wondering why? Read on.

Tulsi is considered the Golden remedy of Ayurveda and has an array of medicinal benefits to offer. The plant is worshipped in India and can be found in every Indian household. Its leaves, fresh or dried are used in dishes and heal ailments. Known to add a punch of flavour to pasta dishes and sandwiches alike, but you should never chew tulsi as it could lead to some side effects. 

The scientific reason behind not chewing tulsi leaves is that it has mercury which can stain your teeth and can lead to discolouration of your teeth. It’s suggested to gulp it down rather than chewing it. According to Times of India report, Tulsi leaves are acidic in nature and your mouth is alkaline, which can cause your teeth’ enamel to wear off. 

Safer Ways to Consume Tulsi:

  • Tulsi Chai: If you want to have tulsi, then the best and easiest way to consume it is by adding it to your tea. You can simply add tulsi in boiling water and drink by adding more herbs and flavours. Tulsi is beneficial for people suffering from high-blood sugar levels.
  • Tulsi Juice: You can add tulsi leaves in a cup of water and honey, you can consume it after straining it.

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