Best Amritsari Kulcha Ever!!

Well you will be surprised to know that the Sainath Kulchas in Chembur(Mumbai) serve the  best Amritsari kulcha in India. I was shocked too but it is true. Being Delhi boy who has lived most of his life in the north was just surprised by the very authentic taste of the Kulcha. One fine day a close friend of mine invited me over to try out these Kulchas. I was like dude I am from north so I am not sure if these kulchas will be any good. I mean honestly I had no expectations from this place as Mumbai is popular for Vada Pav and Sea food. He took me to this place called Sainath Kulcha. This place is in Chembur Camp. If you guys are planning to go then reach Chembur Camp and ask for this place, it is inside a small lane.


You get Aloo(Potato), Paneer(Cottage Cheese) and Mix Kulcha with the option of adding cheese in it. My favorite is and always will be Aloo Cheese Kulcha, it is a mixture of cheese, potato and gobi (Cauliflower). So you guys definitely try this one out.

So my friend took me and the place looked decent. It can accommodate 5-6 people at a time. You won’t get to sit and will have to stand and eat most of the time. It is very popular and people travel from as far as 40 Kms to eat here. I was still thinking these guys are from Mumbai how would they know what a real Amritsari Kulcha will taste like. I saw him putting butter on the Kulchas and my dear friends this is how a Kulcha should be buttered.

I ordered for Aloo Cheese Kulcha and my arrogance of from being north and blah blah was all proved wrong. It was really yummy. The flavor and taste was really authentic. The stuffing was perfect and the Chole that were served along with the Kulcha were also mind-blowing. This place was for real and has been awarded “The Best Kulchas Ever”


They use the best quality cheese and butter and they know how to make the Kulchas buttery and cheesy. The taste is authentic as it lies in a Sindhi colony and has been there for a long time. Few more places serve real authentic Punjabi food which is just surprising to find in Mumbai. This is a must try if you are visiting Mumbai.

Few Tips :
1) Order 2 Kulchas at a time as orders keep coming in and you might have to wait a bit and it can be a bit irritating to wait when you have started eating.
2) Use Public Transport as you might face parking issues
3) Be patient at times lots of orders at a time and making a master piece takes time.

Author – Vivasvaan Bhatnagar

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