The 220 Rupees Egg Bhurji & Milkmaid Gola at JUHU beach

Well normally after a tiring and hectic day at work, me and my work friends head to the nearest bar to relax and chill and discuss office gossip and politics. But somehow we were bored of this routine and were planning to do something different, & one of the most important reason was that we didn’t have enough money to buy booze, so one of them suggested Juhu Beach for the nice Egg bhurji and milkmaid gola (chuski “Delhi lingo“) and chocolate Gola. Honestly i was really tempted to try the Chocolate Gola, as i had mostly while growing up i had heard of Kala Khatta, Rose Flavour etc etc. So we reached Juhu Beach the favorite tourist destination of people coming to Mumbai,its one of the dirtiest beaches you will ever see and the first thing that came into my mind was why cannot it be like decent enough like Baga or Curly beach of Goa, anyways coming back from the goa feel to the crowded noisy juhu beach. First thing i did was to stop at a gola wala to see the milkmaid gola options, pretty reasonable they were for 60 rs as the regular ones were for 50 (KalaKhatta,Orange). I ordered for a chocolate milkmaid gola, it is a combination of milkmaid, chocolate sauce, chocolate pieces and crushed ice. It was really good looking and worth a try, but nothing out of this world, More like bollywood movies just one time watch types.


The most shocking part was the Egg bhurji prices, we had just finished the gola and had ordered for egg bhurji, 5 minutes later one of our friend looking as if he has seen a ghost showed us the menu card seconds later we had the same look on our faces. You guys wont believe it but the egg bhruji was being sold at Rs 220/ at a roadside Dhaba. I mean 5 star people will get complex. Well the Bhurji was nice and the presentation was superb. Now i can proudly say i had Golden Egg bhurji  on a roadside beach stall.





Author – Vivasvaan Bhatnagar

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