Low Calorie Rice Pudding

Enjoy this luscious sweet recipe loved by most Indians as a dessert.


    Rice: - 3/4 Cup

    2% low-fat milk: - 4 Cups

    Splenda (sugar substitute):- 3 tbsp

    Vanilla: - 1 tsp

    Butter (light & low in calorie):- 1 tsp

    Ground cinnamon: - 1/4 tsp

tools required

Microwave Oven

Oven Dish

Serving Dish

preparation method

In an oven place a dish with milk, rice and splendid mixed properly.

Bake this mix at 275 degree C for about 3 hours.

Stir this pudding continuously.

Add milk if the pudding seems to turn dry.

After this pudding seems to be cooked and blended properly you can add cinnamon,vanilla & butter and serve.

Serving Suggestions

    Serve it topped with dry fruits of your choice.

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