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6 Great Ideas To Celebrate Raksha Bandhan in 2022

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One of the sweetest festivals in India, Raksha Bandhan, celebrates the eternal and holy bonding between a brother and a sister. Celebrated in the month of Shravana, this festival is observed in different ways in different parts of India irrespective of background, ethnicity or caste. Although the rituals related to the festival vary across regions, the theme and the underlying idea remain the same. On this day, the sister prays to God for the well-being of her brother and ties a holy thread or rakhi on his wrist for divine protection, and the brother vows to protect her from every adverse situation whatever the circumstances. This mutual love and respect for each other between brothers and sisters reflect the true spirit of India that hails love and spirituality above all.  

 Ideas To Celebrate Raksha Bandhan | Rakhi gift ideas 2022

Apart from the prayers and the rituals, this traditional festival is celebrated in various interesting ways. Sisters cook food for their brothers, while brothers buy gifts for their sisters. Parents of little kids help in the preparations. And grown-ups travel from far-off places to celebrate this day with their siblings. In this article, we have discussed 6 great ideas to celebrate Raksha Bandhan in 2022. These ideas are sure to make the day fun and interesting for the little ones as well as the grown-ups. 

Ideas to celebrate Raksha Bandhan  

1. Make customized rakhi for your sweet brother

 Ideas To Celebrate Raksha Bandhan | Rakhi gift ideas 2022

This one is for the sisters. Make customized rakhi for your naughty and always-fighting brother. You know his likes and dislikes. Try to create a theme based on something that he likes very much. If he likes sweets, you can prepare a rakhi that looks like a rasgulla or a gulaab jamun. Sounds crazy? Then you might try something else. Select a design based on the cartoon character he likes. Attaching a replica of Spiderman, Superman or any character from the Marvel comic series on the holy thread could be a fun idea. Or you can simply write your own name on a piece of cardboard, cut it to shape and prepare a simple rakhi by attaching a thread with it. Trust us, your brother would love this for sure. You can also deliver a message through your rakhi. Make a small folded greeting card with thick colorful paper, and write what your heart says for your brother. Then make a hole on it and put the thread through that hole. And your greeting card rakhi is ready. Isn’t that interesting?

2. Decorate your home

 Ideas To Celebrate Raksha Bandhan | Rakhi gift ideas 2022

Not possible for the little ones, but teenagers and grown-ups can certainly decorate their home and make it ready for the occasion. Parents can help the toddlers do it as well. Bring home some flowers and decorative items, some fairy lights and other wall-hanging artifacts. You can make wind chimes with bits and pieces or metal scraps lying here and there at home. You can also bring home some indoor plants which can freshen up the environment of the entire household. What better way to celebrate something auspicious than bringing home a plant, something that sustains life?  

3. Prepare sweets at home

 Ideas To Celebrate Raksha Bandhan | Rakhi gift ideas 2022

Your local halwai might be great for preparing delicious desserts and sweetmeats, but making a sweet at home for your own brother has a different feeling. Make laddoos and dry sweets like peda so that you can surprise him by gifting them in a box. He can also take them with him if he stays in a hostel for studies or in a different city for a job. Every time he would open the box, it would remind him of you. Besides, home-cooked food is always better on hygienic grounds. Parents can do it themselves if the children are small. Children don’t understand the importance of these sweet little things, but they start missing such small gestures as they grow old. Make this Raksha Bandhan festival a part of his memories forever. 

4. Where is the gift?

 Ideas To Celebrate Raksha Bandhan | Rakhi gift ideas 2022

You guessed it right. This one is for the brothers. Buy your sister a gift that she would like to keep with her forever. Don’t just spend some money and buy her something expensive to raise some eyebrows and get some appreciation. Buy her something that is really special to her. Buy her something that would remind her of you when you are not there. Think about the things she likes. Plan things in advance. Book it online if it needs a pre-order. But your Raksha Bandhan gift should reflect your love for your sister. Price is not important here. Don’t think about what your friends are doing. Your gift should show that you really care for your sister and understand her feelings. That’s the most important thing. 

5. Go to a movie

 Ideas To Celebrate Raksha Bandhan | Rakhi gift ideas 2022

Although nothing new about this idea, post-Covid and after a pause of almost 3 years, it is something you should definitely plan. There are many interesting Bollywood releases this year on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. So, plan a movie outing with your siblings as well as your parents.

6. Plan a short trip

 Ideas To Celebrate Raksha Bandhan | Rakhi gift ideas 2022

It would be a great idea to set out on a family outing on the day of the Raksha Bandhan. Select a location within 50-60 km from home. Book a villa or farmhouse or book rooms in a beautiful resort near to your home. If you are in Delhi NCR, you would find a lot of amazing party venues in the Gurgaon, Aravalli, or Manesar areas. Complete all the festival rituals by early morning, and set out on your journey around 11 am so that you can reach the venue before lunch. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening and return late at night or stay over and return early the next morning. It would be an outing worth remembering. And if you want any assistance regarding venue booking, you can log on to Sloshout is India’s number one online venue-booking website that allows you to choose the best venues in any location based on your specific requirements and book them online without any hassle. The venues listed on the website of Sloshout have verified businesses and each one of them is allotted a rating based on genuine customer reviews.  

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